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About BKPlus

BKPlus Europe LTD is an international consulting company based Nicosia, Cyprus, with branches in Beirut and Amman. BKPlus Europe has extensive experience in Public Sector Development in the broader area of Balkans, Eastern Europe and Middle East.

  BKPlus Europe, holds remarkable experience in Public Administration Reform, capacity building and institutional development in transitional and developing countries. The main clients include national, regional and local governments, parliaments and CSOs. BKPlus Europe capacity is reflected in the expertise and experience of its staff.

BKPlus Europe experts
- Have multi-annual international experience in the field of promoting administrative reform and good governance as well as significant experience in research projects.

- Have longstanding cooperation with international organizations and institutions (OECD, World Bank, European Court of Auditors, EIPA, European Commission and European Parliament)

One of BKPlus major priorities is to follow internatıonal trends and developments in administrative science and to elaborate means for sustainable incorporatıon of the state-of- the art techniques into everyday life and work with governments and public administrations across the World.
  • Our Mission

Our mission is to support the principles of Good Governance and to boost reform initiatives in the field of Public Governance and Administration Reform in order to eventually support the delivery of better public services to citizens and businesses, thus boosting core democratic values.

  • Our Vision

Our vision is to make BKPlus Europe a centre of excellence for the introduction and implementation of sustainable reform in the field of public governance and constitute BKPlus Europe a new interlocutor in the broader discourse of boosting innovation in governance.