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Areas of Expertise

Public Administration

BK Plus Europe works in unison with governments, international organizations and civil society to promote good governance, foster institutional development and tailor internationally-recognized practices to the specific needs and culture of each country. Our support to all relevant stakeholders, thereby sets the goal of increasing the effectiveness of the public sector through the following services:

Provision of support and technical advice for the development of national PAR strategies and multi-year roadmaps and action plans for the respective implementation. Facilitation of policy dialogue and public consultation; drafting of White Papers for the smooth introduction of reform agendas; analysis and diagnostics for the development of PAR policies and policy initiatives.

BK Plus Europe service portfolio includes organizational and sector restructuring, organizational assessment and functional reviews, development of performance management systems and indicators, introduction of quality management frameworks, establishment of shared services initiatives, design of operational models, support to implementation of decentralization and multi-level governance policies.

Development of fact-driven, evidence-based policies. Introduction of better regulation principles in policy making, development and institutionalization of better regulation systems and processes, implementation of regulatory and policy impact assessments (RIA & PIA).
Support to the institutional strengthening of the center of government, development of national or sectorial planning frameworks and systems, harmonization of policy planning.

Support to the development of strategic workforce planning, merit-based recruitment and promotion systems, performance appraisals, design of inclusive competency frameworks for talent management, elaboration of professional development systems for civil servants, building of leadership programs, development of training and capacity building frameworks for ensuring occupational diversity and equality.

Establishment of one-stop-shops/citizen service center/single points of contact. Generation of public service catalogues/inventories based on analyzed life events and mapping of the citizen journey. BK Plus Europe supports the formulation of service delivery policies and transformation of service delivery models aiming based on the application of “Once Only” principle and zero contact approach. We provide services in the areas of administrative simplification, business process mapping, modelling, and reengineering as well as measurement of administrative burdens, development of service standards and service charters.

Support of open government and open data concepts, provision of technical assistance to empower integrity coordinators, establish anticorruption authorities, set up of accountability frameworks and whistle blowing mechanisms.

Development of performance-based budgeting systems, initiation of spending reviews and assessment of multi-annual and medium-term budgetary frameworks. Our expertise has also grown significantly during the last years hand-to-hand with the EU twin transitions, in turn including green procurement and pre-commercial procurement as potential areas that we can provide our support.

Digital Transformation

Fast technological change requires adapting organization’s working methods. Digital technologies affect the way in which every organizational function is carried out from decision-making to delivering services, communicating, managing projects, etc. Digitalisation goes beyond digitisation and replicating bureaucracy electronically. Digital needs to be at the heart of administrative management as it presents new opportunities for the organisations to rethink, simplify and streamline not only their working processes but their purpose.
In this journey BK Plus Europe supports institutions in adapting to the emerging digitalization with the ultimate goal of creating public value.

Support the transition from paper-based to paper-less administration, process amd service automation, business process mapping, modelling and re-engineering, design of integrated Document Management Systems, support the interoperability of base registries, design of common data models and formats, design of Management Information Systems (MIS).

Carry-out of digital readiness and digital maturity assessments, Technological Gap Analysis Formulation of “As-Is” and “To-Be” stages and elaboration of targeted digital policy solutions that can be applied in every public institution and country context. Development of digital transformation strategies in national, regional, local and organizational level.

Development of national, sub-national and organization-level smart city strategic frameworks, which facilitate the creation and integration of cross-cutting solutions in various areas from economy, energy and government services to mobility and security.


Our team aims to create new ways and opportunities of growth for clients, by identifying forces of change and contributing to the development of new digital. The integration of new disruptive technologies in the business workflows, the upskilling of the workforce and the redesign of business strategies are all critical components of our value-driven innovation service portfolio.

Development of innovation strategies that best supports the overall business strategy of any given organisation. Assessment and analysis of key trends shaping customer economics and demand. Support the prioritization and selection of the most attractive domains for innovation investment. Assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the client’s innovation system.

Provision of advice for European funded projects such as:

  • Horizon Europe
  • LIFE
  • Connecting Europe Facility
  • European Investment Bank etc

Identification of the scope, development of state of the art proposals, including all administrative, technical and commercial documents, dissemination and communication of results, and social assessment/impact, as well as the legal and financial aspects.

Support the identification of partners, preparation of grant agreements , coordination of the work and communication among partners, toward stakeholders and society.

Leverage the potential of existing networks in various policy areas and geographical spheres and capacity of expanding the outreach and synergies to clusters, thematic groups and innovations around the world.

Economic and Social Inclusion

We specialize in development cooperation and social inclusion, bringing together knowledge-management from different sectors with specific methodologies through highly diverse projects intended to achieve an impactful increase in the economic possibilities of the most disfavored. Our operation take place at both macro and micro levels, conflating data analytics and economic assessments with digital services. In this regard, BK Plus Europe undertakes capacity building projects with the aim to design fit-for-purpose labor market measures, define employment strategies and reduce gender-based social discrimination thereby ensuring socio-economic development, gender equity and poverty reduction.

We acquire concrete experience on the formulation of policies in the realm of economic inclusion and combined with our regional (and country-specific) expertise, we have vehemently strived for reducing socio-economic inequalities in less advanced regions (e.g., Western Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia) by developing vocational training and regional inclusion programs for key target groups (i.e., women and youth).

Gender mainstreaming and social inclusion have become the newest layer to our multifaceted scope of action since 2018. By understanding the high complexity of gender roles and social relations, we identify context-based activities and employ our knowledge, methodologies and experts with the goal to address regional and country-specific needs (e.g., support to women-led MSMEs in accessing finance opportunities and creating paradigm shifts in how women are treated by the financial sector).


Monitoring and Evaluation

A major component of our consulting work consists of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of projects, policies and strategies. The design of fit-for-purpose M&E tools and methodologies, quality assurance approaches and the conduct of multi-level consultations with relevant stakeholders enable us to effectively engage with policy-making actors and bodies.

Design and implementation of Policy / thematic evaluation, Geographic/programme evaluations, Budget support evaluations, Impact Assessments, Effectiveness Evaluations, Ex-ante & Ex-post project evaluations.

Support to the development of monitoring systems and processes, introduction of results-oriented monitoring tools as well as third-party monitoring, development of methodologies for data collection and surveys, design of national and sector monitoring systems.

We acquire an extensive pool of experts which specialize in the delivery of M&E trainings across all the previous thematic areas of interest, with the goal of reinforcing the culture of evaluation, optimize the design, planning and implementation phases of national and international frameworks and equip the evaluators with advanced tools for this overarching purpose.

Institutional Strenghthening

Design and development of tailor capacity building programs based on needs assessment of any given organization. Introduction of management tools and techniques, establishment of coordination and communication mechanisms, mentoring and hands-on training to senior management and leadership.

Process engineering, organisational review and assessment, internal regulations, code of conducts, services charters, job descriptions, staffing plans, operations streamlining, strategic and operational planning etc.

Formulation of change management plans and effective monitoring schemes that will steer organizational changes from conception to implementation, ensuring effective transition in institutional and workforce models for public sector organizations.