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🌍 Driving Policy Excellence in Jordan🇯🇴

We are thrilled to share that BK Plus Europe is spearheading the implementation of ex-ante Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIA) in Jordan🇯🇴, focusing on 🌱 Sustainable Energy and ♻️ Environmental and Waste Management sectors.

🎯 Project Insight: Guided by the RIA manual endorsed by the Jordanian government, our goal is to refine policies and enhance regulatory frameworks in these critical sectors. .

🛠️ Expertise in Action: With extensive experience in regulatory assessments and a deep understanding of Jordan’s policy landscape, BK Plus Europe is uniquely equipped to ensure that these impact assessments are effectively aligned with national development objectives, fostering significant advancements in policy and regulatory practices.

Stay tuned as we contribute to shaping a sustainable and strategically governed future in Jordan.

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