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We are proud to announce the kick-off our new project “Supporting Inclusion Policy Engagement in Central Asia”. The project will be implemented by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) with the consultancy of BK Plus Europe for 24 months.

The main purpose of this assignment to develop and deliver an effective inclusion policy engagement programme for the EBRD in Central Asia, with a specific focus on Kazakhstan’s inclusion policy objectives.

Within the life-span of the project we will support:

  • Policy Assessment: carry out a short mapping exercise of relevant policies and related international best practice and identify specific areas of policy intervention in alignment with the EBRD’s inclusion approach as well as the strategic priorities of its clients and other stakeholders.
  • Gender and Inclusion project support to facilitate the development and local delivery of Gender and Inclusion elements for the Bank’s investment.
  • Policy Engagement: Implement the policy initiatives with the public and private sector partners/stakeholders in the context of EBRD’s investment projects. In Kazakhstan, this would be in direct support of the Bank’s inclusion policy objectives.
  • Funding for Policy Engagement: Explore relevant funding sources, develop and agree proposals with key funders to support EBRD’s longer term policy engagement.
  • Monitoring, Capacity-Building and Communications: Monitor the impact of these engagements and prepare progress reports that identify relevant lessons learned on how to optimise the inclusion policy engagement of the Bank, ensure capacity building within the EBRD, its clients and key government stakeholders.

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