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Project Name: Development of a Capacity-Strengthening Plan for the Permanent Resilience Structure

Country of Implementation:  Tunisia

Donor Agency:  World Bank

Duration:  30 months

Implementation Period:   December 2023 – ongoing

Role of BK Plus Europe: Consortium leader

Objective: The project is aimed at strengthening the operational capabilities of Tunisia’s Program Coordination Unit (PCU) and establishing an effective Permanent Resilience Structure (PRS) mechanism. Our focused efforts will enhance the skills and capacities of key Tunisian government officials, ensuring a specialized and high-quality team for managing climate risks and natural disasters. Key objectives include:

  • Evaluating the professional achievements of PCU members and officials involved in the PRS
  • Identifying the difference between current skills in the PCU and the required competencies for the future success of the PRS
  • Crafting a strategic plan to boost the capabilities of the PRS team for their critical role.
  • Assisting in the execution of the capacity-strengthening plan.
  • Conducting a post-implementation evaluation to measure the effectiveness of our efforts.