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Project Name: Feasibility Study for the development of a Private 5G Networks service

Country of Implementation:  Greece

Donor Agency:  ΕΣΠΑ – Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework 2014-2020

Duration:  3 months

Implementation Period: January 2023 – April 2023

Role of BK Plus Europe: Subcontractor

Objective: The objective of the feasibility study is to evaluate the viability of developing a 5G Private Networks service that can cater to vertical markets. The study focuses on analyzing and recording the 5G Private Networks service and its potential for success. The study presents the product and examines the current conditions of the Greek market for the potential adoption of the service, as well as the competition in the Greek and international market. It also provides an overview of the legislative framework that governs this service and presents a SWOT analysis. Ultimately, the feasibility study aims to determine whether the development of a 5G Private Networks service for vertical markets is a viable business opportunity.