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Project Name: inGOV

Country of Implementation:  Greece

Donor Agency:  Horizon2020

Duration:  3 years

Implementation Period:   September 2022 – December 2023

Role of BK Plus Europe: Subcontractor

Objective: The inGov project is a research project aimed at transforming Integrated Public Services (IPS) across the European Union. It seeks to develop a holistic IPS framework, utilizing mobile tools to support co-creation and governance of public services. The project focuses on refining existing EU solutions, such as the European Interoperability Framework and Core Vocabularies, tailoring them to the unique needs of IPS.

Central to inGov’s mission is the construction of comprehensive models for Government as a Service (GaaS) and Government as a Platform (GaaP). This involves creating guidelines and recommendations for IPS governance, stakeholder agreements, and implementation strategies. Additionally, inGov aims to design a reference architecture and an ICT platform that aligns with these new governance models.

Through its multifaceted approach, inGov is poised to enhance the modernization and innovation potential within European governance, ensuring more dynamic, collaborative, and efficient public services. This project represents a significant step towards a more integrated and user-centered public service framework in the EU.