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Project Name: Pleione: Pleiades Internet of Everything

Country of Implementation:  Greece

Donor Agency: Competiveness – Entrepreneurship – Innovation 2014-2020 Business Program

Duration:  4 months

Implementation Period:   September – December 2023

Role of BK Plus Europe: Sub-contractor


The Pleione project is a pivotal initiative aimed at digitalizing Greek markets and cities, aligning with advanced practices seen in other EU countries. At its heart is the creation of a horizontal IoT Smart City platform, built on open-source FIWARE technologies. This platform supports seven innovative solutions, ranging from smart environmental management to autonomous drones for telecommunications, fostering interoperability and growth potential in diverse sectors.

A significant component of Pleione is the Digital IoT Data Marketplace, designed to enhance the use, interconnection, and commercial exploitation of data within the ecosystem. This project represents a major step in integrating modern digital technologies into the fabric of Greek cities, positioning Greece at the forefront of digital and smart city transformations.