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Project Name: Support to Restructuring and HR Reforms 2022

Country of Implementation: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Donor Agency: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (SIGMA Group)

Duration: 2 months

Implementation Period: November 2022 – December 2022

Role of BK Plus Europe: Sole Contractor

Objective: The objective of this project intervention is to staunchly support the Civil Service Bureau in the redesign of a new policy framework for service delivery embedded by new governance and management standards for all the Citizen Service Centers around the country. The framework will form a unified baseline of standards that will derive from the central authority, in turn signaling the institutionalisation of the Core Public Service Vocabulary (CPSV) across the governmental settings. This project intervention comes at a critical juncture, since the Law on Service Delivery was enacted in 2016 and will have to hereon be aligned with the tenets of the recently adopted Public Sector Modernization Roadmap.