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Our latest project “EU for SME Development” in North Macedonia🇲🇰

🎉 We’re excited to announce the kick-off of our latest project in North Macedonia🇲🇰 as part of the IBF Impact consortium under Lot 7️⃣ of the SEA 2023 programme funded by the European Commission 🌟 💼 🔄

The project aims to support North Macedonia’s SME sector by aligning policies with EU strategic priorities and enhancing the capabilities of public administration. Key objectives include:
🔎 Crafting a comprehensive SME Strategy 2024-2030 and Action Plan.
🔎 Empowering stakeholders to design and implement effective SME development programs.
🔎 Establishing robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.
🔎 Strengthening public bodies to formulate and execute SME policies.
🔎 Facilitating better access to EU funding for SMEs through targeted support and capacity building.

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