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Project Name: Analysis of Public Reforms and Policies and Support in the Preparation and Definition of a Policy Matrix for a Development Policy Loan (DPL)

Country of Implementation:  Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Donor Agency:  KfW

Duration:  8 months

Implementation Period:   June 2024 – ongoing

Role of BK Plus Europe: Sole Contractor

Objective: The project aims to analyze public reforms and policies in Jordan and support the preparation and definition of a Policy Matrix for a Development Policy Loan (DPL). Specifically, it focuses on modernizing the public sector to improve economic growth and employment, aligning reforms with the Economic Modernization Vision (EMV) and Public Administrative Reform (PAR). This includes identifying and facilitating up to ten significant reforms over a two-year period, ensuring their effective implementation and coordination with other donors such as AFD, USAID, and the World Bank. The project will enhance the public administration’s efficiency, support economic development, and promote gender equality.