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Project Name: Building the capacity of The government of Jordan staff on integrated strategic planning

Country of Implementation:  Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Donor Agency:  UNDP

Duration:  7 months

Implementation Period:   April 2024 – ongoing

Role of BK Plus Europe: Sole contractor

Objective: The project focuses on building national capacities to ensure effective, results-based implementation of development plans, improving coordination and communication between line ministries, and fostering a culture of accountability and achieving tangible outcomes.

This will be achieved through the creation and implementation of a capacity-development programme aimed at enhancing the institutional and individual capabilities of various ministries and governmental institutions within the Government by focusing on functional and technical skills needed for strategic planning across different levels. The programme will include an assessment of the existing strategies of participating ministries including new priorities and align them with the Economic Modernization Vision (EMV) and the Executive Programme.