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Project Name: Services for EU’s External Action (FWC SEA 2023)

Country of Implementation:  Worldwide

Donor Agency: Directorate-General International Partnerships (DG INTPA) of the European Commission (EC)

Duration:  24 months

Implementation Period:   February 2024 – ongoing

Role of BK Plus Europe: Consortium partner

Objective:  The objective of this Framework Contract is to provide a contractual tool that can mobilise rapidly (compared to a standard tender procedure) through specific contracts the expertise required to assist the European Commission departments in implementing their policies in any geographic area of the world.

📈 Lot 7: Micro-Economic Analysis, Investment Climate, Private Sector, Trade, and Employment (Value 30 M EUR)

🌐 Lot 9: Democracy, Human Rights, Rule of Law, Gender Equality, and Human Rights-Based Approach (Value 45 M EUR)

📘 Lot 12: Education, Culture, and Youth (Value 25 M EUR)