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Project Name: Monitoring and assessing the performance of the AICS Khartoum interventions

Country of Implementation: Khartoum

Donor Agency: The Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation (AICS)

Duration: 3 years

Implementation Period: April 2022 – April 2025

Role of BK Plus Europe: Framework Contractor

Objective: The Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation (AICS) – Khartoum office shortlisted individual/organizations/companies to take part of the future tender processes of monitoring and evaluation the AICS- Khartoum interventions (especially those financed by AICS and EU) which aim at fighting poverty and improving social and health conditions of the populations (host communities, migrants and IDPs). Among the cross-cutting sector, particular attention is given to social inclusion and gender aspects such as women’s social and economic empowerment for a period of three  years.