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Project Name: Provision of Technical Support Consulting Services for the implementation study of the maturation of the specifications and the draft declaration of the project “Development of New Electronic Customs Services” to cover the needs of the General Directorate of Customs & Excise Duty of the IAPR

Country of Implementation: Greece

Donor Agency: RRF

Duration:  2 Months

Implementation Period: June 2023 – July 2023

Role of BK Plus Europe: Sole Contractor

Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to offer consulting and technical support services for the specialized project “Development of New Electronic Customs Services.” Our focus is on the generation of a comprehensive maturation study of project specifications and the draft declaration. The project is carried out in three stages: 1) Capturing the requirements of the new electronic customs services as per national law procedures 2) Drafting and shaping the Electronic Open Tender announcement for the awarding of the project contract 3) Incorporating feedback from the public consultation of specifications, in cooperation with IAPR