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Project Name: The European Union for Public Administration Reform (EU4PAR)

Country of Implementation:  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Donor Agency:  European Commission

Duration:  30 months

Implementation Period:   September 2023 – ongoing

Role of BK Plus Europe: Consortium partner

Objective: The project is a further intervention of the European Union to promote essential steps in public administration reform towards improving the overall functioning of the public administration by ensuring a professional and depoliticised civil service and a co-ordinated countrywide approach to policy making. It is an initiative, the implementation of which requires an intense and on-going cooperation between the project team and the wider PAR structures, which comprise not only the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office (PARCO) but also numerous other stakeholders at all four governments levels, the nominated Supervisory Teams, implementing agencies and the civil society.

The project’s overall objective is to contribute to the implementation of public administration reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has four main objectives (outcomes):

  1. improve the policy-making and planning system;
  2. improve the overall organisation of public administration by improving accountability lines;
  3. upgrade the capacities of PARCO and PAR structures for a better steering of the Action Plan implementation, monitoring, strategic guiding of PAR process in line with the requirements of the accession process;
  4. increase the knowledge of the EU integration process and role of public administration reform in it among the population in Bosnia and Herzegovina