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🌿 Building Skills for a More Inclusive and Sustainable Waste Management in 🇬🇪Georgia 🌿

Happy to share that BK Plus Europe has a new project that aims to create more equal job opportunities in waste management in the Adjara Region.
♻️ Working With:
We’re teaming up with Adjara Solid Waste Management Company to address skill gaps and contribute to a more sustainable future within the sector.
👩‍🎓 Skills for Adjara’s Youth:
Our project includes targeted training programmes in cooperation with the local VET schools to better prepare both current and future employees for the challenges of the sector ahead.

🎯 Aiming for Balance:
We want to bolster sector skills while giving youth and women a fair shot at contributing to this field. The goal is to have at least 30% female participants in these new training programs.

👀 Keep an eye out for more updates as we move forward towards a more sustainable and inclusive waste management ecosystem in Adjara.! 🚀

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