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Business Process Mapping of Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) Projects in Heraklion, Kavala, Kalamata and Larissa

We are thrilled to announce that BK Plus Europe has been entrusted by World Bank Group to undertake a crucial project, aimed at enhancing Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) strategies in Greece in cooperation with Uni Systems.

The project concentrates on optimizing the process of small SUD projects across four key Greek cities – #Heraklion#Kavala#Kalamata, and #Larissa. Our primary objective is to conduct a detailed Business Process Mapping of the lifecycle of these #SUD projects from approval to implementation. This encompasses a thorough analysis of existing processes, identifying relevant regulations at various governmental levels, and designing a more streamlined, efficient process to bolster overall efficacy.

Our kickoff meeting with the WB team today set the stage for what promises to be an impactful project. It highlighted our commitment to the objective of our consultancy and laid the foundation for our work over the coming months.

By leveraging our deep expertise in business process optimization, regulatory analysis, and process re-engineering, we’re confident that our contributions will help Greek cities become more competitive and sustainable. Stay tuned as we share updates on our progress!

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