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🌿Shaping Sustainable Cities🏙️🔄

📅 BK Plus Europe led a pivotal workshop in Kalamata on October 30th and 31st, as part of the World Bank-funded initiative, “Business Process Mapping of Sustainable Urban Development Projects in Medium-Sized Cities in Greece.”
🤝 This collaborative event marked a milestone, bringing together 30 city representatives and The World Bank officials to delve into sustainable urban development (SUD) practices across four dynamic Greek municipalities🇬🇷: Heraklion, Kalamata, Kavala, and Larissa.
💡 Our team showcased current SUD strategies through in-depth flowcharts, pinpointing challenges and spotlighting best practices. These insights pave the way for robust, innovative solutions in the next phase of our project.
🔄 The insightful dialogue with local authorities and the World Bank serves as the compass for future engagements, guiding our integrated project proposals towards a sustainable and prosperous urban future.
Stay tuned as we continue steering these crucial conversations for a sustainable tomorrow!

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