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Supporting gender and economic inclusion policy engagement and COVID-19 crisis response in Caucasus

We are proud to announce the kick-off our new project “Supporting Gender and Economic Inclusion Policy Engagement and COVID-19 Crisis Response in the Caucasus”. The project will be implemented by EBRD with the consultancy of BK Plus Europe for 2 years.

The main purpose of this assignment to develop and deliver an effective programme of gender and economic inclusion policy engagements and to deliver the inclusive components of its COVID-19 crisis response for EBRD in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Within the life-span of the project we will support:

  • Policy Assessment
  • Gender and Inclusion project support
  • Partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Policy Engagement
  • Monitoring, capacity-building, reporting and communications

For more information on the EBRD’s gender and economic policy please visit

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