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Transforming Public Sector Reform – the BK Plus Europe Way

At BK Plus Europe, we drive public sector reform by weaving a potent ‘Learning by Doing’ culture into our fabric. Who are the artisans of this change? Our diverse team, a synergistic blend of top-tier former public sector key executives, consultants, and policy experts powering our transformative journey.

Capacity building is deeply ingrained in our philosophy. We empower our team to plunge into every stage of our operations – from business development to project management, fostering a participatory environment. We offer experiential learning opportunities through comprehensive training programs and study visits that nurture their skills while uplifting the capacities of the public institutions and international organizations we serve.

Our project management prowess stands testament to successful alliances with global entities like GIZ, WB, EBRD, EU, UN, and more. Every project gives our team a firsthand experience of the entire delivery process, from recruitment to handling complex logistics, fostering not just project success but continuous personal and professional growth.

Our intimate understanding of local contexts enables us to pre-empt and overcome unique challenges. Our teams are embedded within the administrative, business, regulatory, and political contexts of our operational regions, offering real-world insights that feed into our dynamic learning programs.

As part of our continuous learning and commitment to quality, we’re thrilled to announce our recent venture towards ISO 9001:2015 certification, another milestone in our journey towards achieving operational excellence.

Join us on our transformative journey as we continuously learn, grow, and reshape the landscape of the public sector, one insightful project, immersive training, and shared success at a time.

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